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We manage fishing in put-and-take Lillesjö Lake and in Löftaån Stream, which flows into the sea at Frillesås.

To help monitor the success of our work, please submityour catch report,even if you don’t keep the fish. Lillesjön Lake fishing and Löftaån Stream rules

Fishing licenses can only be purchased Online at iFiske or with the app you download on AppStore or Google Play

NOTE! All fishing from land

Fishing licenses fee for Lillesjön Lake : SEK 200 The Board has decided that all angling in the lake, have more rods than one, using the incorrect trap method (angling with bait shrimp, powerbait, worms or roach) and takes up more than three fish can be subject to an inspection fee of 500: -

Fishing licenses fee for Löftaån Stream : SEK 60

Valid for: one individual only. (Children under 12 may fish with another license holder even when using their own equipment.)

Fishing equipment: Only active fishing, i.e. bait casting, spinning casting and fly-fishing are permitted. 
Passive fishing, i.e. using simple line and hook, floats and other fishing that uses bait like shrimp, Powerbait, worms, roach, etc., is prohibited.

In order not to damage the leaked fish and fish that do not meet the standards in Löftaån, we have, on the recommendation of the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Anglers Association, permanently banned the ban on passive bottom fishing and fishing with a wooden hook in Löftaån during 1/4 - 15/5. We also have increased surveillance with fishing supervisors during the period.

Ice fishing is also prohibited.

Only one piece of fishing equipment may be used at any one time.

No. of fish: A maximum of 2 fishes may be caught per card and per day. Once 2 fish have been caught and killed, and then the card is considered expired. The minimum catch size for salmon and trout is 45 cm in Löftaån Stream

Please note!
Lillesjön Lake and LöftaånStream is monitored by fishing inspectors (with gold badges) appointed by the Halland County Administrative Board and members of the Löftaån Fishing Association. Fishing without a license is considered poaching and is prohibited under the Swedish Fisheries Act.

Fishing inspectors or association members have the right to:

  • inspect fishing licenses, equipment, bags and catches
  • confiscate equipment and lodge reports with police
  • if the Fisheries Act has been violated, to report to the police and/or regional public prosecution office without delay.
  • to escort the person from the area.

Violations of Paragraph 34 of the Swedish Fisheries Act may incur fines or a jail term of up to 12 months. The law applies to all persons regardless of nationality.

We continually release different types of salmon family fish in Lillesjön Lake. Your fishing license helps fund this work. Please help keep nature beautiful!

Make sure to take any cans, line, plastic bags and other rubbish with you when you leave.

The contact person for Lillesjön Lake is Janne Högberg 0707-884125 The contact persons for Löftaån Stream are Martin 0708-221161 or Rustan 0735-434033

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